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Membership Subscriptions

Here is the up to date membership subscription payments

GMB is the UK’s third largest trade union and we’re growing fast. Membership has increased 15% in real terms in the last five years.

With an extensive range of GMB member benefits and offers, you can make sure you stay informed and make the best of your working life. Whatever your job or workplace needs, you are in excellent company of 630,000 other GMB members who benefit from GMB membership.
As a general union, GMB membership is open to all workers and students in both the public and private sectors.
Full time – Grade 1 = £13.22 per month
Part time – Grade 2 = £7.72 per month, GMB members working part-time for 20 hours or less and GMB members under 18 years. If you work in a school please check the current GMB rate with your local GMB office.  GMB Regional contacts.
Sick and unemployed members = 5p per week.
Retired life members = If a GMB member retires on or after 1 July 2015, they can apply for free retired life membership within three months of no longer paying contributions in line with rules 45 or 46. To qualify, they have to be permanently retired from paid work, be members for at least 5 years and apply in writing to become retired life members of the union.
Apprentices = £2 per month
Non-working Students = £1 per month, Students who are in employment will continue to pay the rate applicable to their employment and hours of work.
If you are not currently a member of the GMB please click he link below to join online.  At the moment of joining you are a member and please remember to make a note of your temporary number that you will need if requiring urgent assistance from one of our reps.
You can join GMB instantly online.

Posted: 11th October 2017

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