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Calling all potential members

Z60 Branch along with national and regional colleagues,are actively  involved in an  recruitment drive to try and encourage new members to the GMB, we realize there are times when joining a union is sometimes the last thing on a persons mind, with today’s economy and being on low wages and  that every  penny is accounted for, but being a part of a union is that little bit of insurance for you when things in the workplace goes wrong.  We will be there to advice,support and represent you, and we are the only union currently able to offer our members direct access to legal advice through our dedicated union line. We offer various discounts specifically for union members in a wide range of places that include for example,  driving discounts and car and home  insurance, decorating discounts and we also have a member get member scheme available for those who are a member of the unions own Credit union, that offers competitive savings and loans to members. Our Local branch holds social events for you and your family throughout the year and keep you the member, fully informed about the various campaigns and changes that take place on what seems like a daily basis.
If you are already a member of the GMB please tell your colleagues about the importance of being in a union and suggest that they join you in the GMB, tell them about us and what we do.
We are about to enter the biggest changes this country has seen for many, many years, and we want to ensure that all our members rights are protected in the workplace and we are not afraid to take the government to task to ensure that rights and laws are protected. So being part of the GMB is crucial as the plans for Brexit start to move forward.
For more information on what the GMB can offer you as a member please go to the main GMB Website
To take advantage of what the GMB can do for you and can offer you if not already a member simply click the link below and join today, after all, you wouldn’t want to miss being part of  Britain’s greatest union now would ya??

Posted: 11th October 2017

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