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TCU Money

Thorne Credit Union
Thorne Credit Union Ltd (trading name TCU Money) was founded by GMB in 1999 as a democratic,ethical savings and loan provider for GMB members and their families.
We’re a mutual or financial co-operative and unlike a PLC we don’t have any shareholders to pay. Instead we operate exclusively for the long term benefit of GMB members and the GMB community with all profits being distributed as an annual dividend on savings and reinvested to safeguard the delivery of a competitive members savings and loans service.
We pool member savings and then reinvests exclusively in the GMB community by lending a authorised proportion of these savings to other GMB members thereby ensuring a fair,shared return for all members.
We are authorised and regulated by the FCA and PRA and all savings are fully guaranteed up to £75,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
So why not choose savings and loan services from your own financial services organisation one which generates a financial and social return for your family and the wider GMB community.
So join your credit union TCU Money today and support our on-going campaign for greater financial inclusion through the provision of simply, secure, socially responsible financial services.
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Posted: 17th May 2016

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