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Reps required to attend branch meetings

Workplace reps are encouraged to attend branch meetings on a regular basis, as well as submitting workplace reports.
By doing so, you can keep up to date with branch activities, news and future plans that are discussed. This then enables all reps to go back to the workplace and decant recent and relevant information back to the members we represent.
The branch has many reps with a wide range of skills and knowledge who support members in the various workplaces. We also have three accredited reps which permits the holders to represent members in workplaces other than their own. Along with our full time officer we can also help and support current reps.
It is vital that our members not only have the full support of our union but also have workplace reps that are up to date with union and branch news, something I am sure, in the current climate is essential.
The branch along with the rest of the union, is set to continue to protect workers and their rights, as we approach major changes as we exit Europe.
As reps we need to be focused on what these changes will be and how this not only effects us, our members and their families, but how this effects us as a union body.
Z60 supports the sharing of knowledge and skills and offers members and reps support, advice and skills to enable all to have a voice in the workplace.
As a branch we have a “can do, will do” attitude and an “open and transparent” mantra.
In order to extend this to current and potential members, we need you, the rep.
Please see the attached file with regards to attending union activities etc.
All workplace reps will receive information through the post that will contain relevant information about the branch, meeting dates, learning, and contact names and numbers.
Dawn Roberts
Branch President

Posted: 17th January 2017

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